The New 'Trading Spaces' Trailer Is Out, And It's Exactly What We Needed Today

When it was announced TLC’s beloved home renovating show Trading Spaces would be back on air, fans began reminiscing on the wild home makeovers plastered on our small screens.The series is set to debut on April 7, with an hour-long reunion special, and will be shaking things up.The new series has doubled the original’s $1,000 budget to $2,000 per room, in an effort to keep the home décor fresh and stylish, but without breaking the bank.TLC“Viewers have become so accustomed to seeing designs done for $50,000 or $100,000. I think


20 Retro Avon Decorations That Your Mom Still Puts Out Every Year

It's almost as if you can hear the jingle bells coming around the corner, because Christmas is sneaking up on us quicker than you realized. Celebrating Christmas when you were a kid was probably a lot less stressful than it is now. You didn't really have anything to think about, all you had to do was make your list for Santa and wait for Christmas morning. Chances are you spent a lot of time looking at your family's Christmas decorations. Whether you were working on trimming the tree, or just hanging out with your parents while they baked cookies, the


"Trading Spaces" Is Getting The Reboot We Have All Been Anticipating

If you remember sitting down to watch Trading Spaces in the early 2000's, you're not alone. As what some dub to be the best home renovation show of all time, Trading Spaces has two sets of neighbors swap houses and redesign each others's home, with the owners having no say in the changes. Sounds like fun, right? And it was fun to watch, too. We saw some pretty creative designs come out of the show, like:The Upside Down RoomTLCThe Bloody KitchenTLCAnd who could forget this? TLCYup! This show was an amazing testament to the early 2000's. As a fan