Never Forget The Time A Major Brand Wanted Us To Sexualize A 15-Year-Old Brooke Shields

At one point in the '80s, supermodel and actress Brooke Shields was arguably the most famous teenager on the planet. However, her road to stardom was paved with a number of controversies.Managed by her mother, Teri, Shields had her first taste of the limelight as a model for a soap ad at the age of eleven months. She continued to appear in ads as a toddler, and at the tender age of 10, the child model posed nude in a series of photographs taken by Garry Gross. Teri commissioned the photos in 1975 because she wanted to turn her

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The Truth Behind The 'Suddenly Susan' Star's Tragic Death And How He Spent His Final Night

Sitcoms were everything in the 90s. There were so many different options to choose from, that sometimes, a lot of the best shows were forgotten. Suddenly Susan was one of those great shows. When it started in 1996, it became one of the top rated shows. But after getting moved around in the schedule, it quickly fell out of the top five and moved down in the ratings. Even though the show wasn't as popular, it remained a treat to watch, except one episode that proved to be incredibly emotional. Trend ChaserThe stars of the show were some pretty notable


10 Reasons Why Starship Troopers Is The Very Definition Of Guilty Pleasure

We all have that one movie that we love to watch even though we have no good explanation as to why we love it so much. For me, one of those movies is the 1997 science-fiction gong show Starship Troopers. Looking back on the movie now, I completely understand why some people found it to be outrageously stupid; the writing isn't great, the story line is lacking a few key elements, the acting is a little over the top, but overall it's great for mindless enjoyment. Plus, Neil Patrick Harris has a great role in it.20 years after it