Jim Carrey's Bizarre Interview Has People Wondering If Everything Is Okay

Jim Carrey is causing a bit of controversy thanks to his latest interview, and people are wondering if everything is okay with the famous actor. GiphyHe recently showed up at New York Fashion Week, which seems strange enough, but that's not what people are concerned about. He was interviewed by E! News' Catt Sadler on the red carpet but it did not go well. YouTubeNormally, meeting a celebrity is a very polished encounter. Everyone is always trying to come across as the best version of themselves so they don't harm their career, but Carrey kind of went off in a


7 Completely Ridiculous 90s Movies You Forgot Existed

Not every movie is going to be a box office smash, that is just the rule of numbers. If all of them are winners, are any of them really? Well, some of the movies that came out in the 90s were winners in one way: they had the most unusual plots imaginable. Sure, they still have that nostalgic and hilarious cult classic feel, but they are absolutely some of the weirdest concepts imaginable. You've got basketball star genies, a pregnant man, a dinosaur cop and a whole lot more to look forward to. Did you see any of these movies