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Someone Gave Toad Human Legs Now And It's Hilariously Awful

Marcos Lopez

Everyone is familiar with the Nintendo franchise Mario, right? Well, the important question is are you familiar with the character Toad? Toad is one of the characters who frequently pops up in a many of the games. He is a small little guy who has a high-pitched voice and an iconic mushroom-themed hat.


The fact that Toad is having his own little moment in the sun is maybe a little bitter-sweet, because it really isn't for anything Nintendo did. A lot of people are talking about him right now, not because of a new game or any related news about a past game, but because someone made a hilarious picture that has scarred the internet.


It's a question no one ever asked, or ever wanted answered, but here we are. Someone decided to create an image of Toad with human legs, and now it is burned into our brains.

Are you ready for it? No...? Too bad.


It started as part of a new show from Polygon called "Please Retweet" where Patrick Gill tries to get something weird retweeted. This time, he tried to get this picture of Toad retweeted by Nintendo because the internet is weird.

The internet has had a significant reaction to this image, and it's pretty hilarious. People have been drawing it, they have been making songs about it, and most importantly they have been spreading it like wildfire.

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So after Gill tweeted this image and effectively destroyed our brains, a bunch of people on Twitter seemed to join in the fun.

Whether through fan art:

Wood carvings

And even actual SONGS!?!

People were getting really into it. It also reminded them of when another Twitter user gave Toad a nose:

Who knew there was so much people could do with a ridiculous picture of Toad with legs!

At least he got to keep his hat on in all of these, because without it he just doesn't look right.

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What do you think? Toad with human legs: Funny or Horrifying?

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