Seatbelts, Everyone! There's A Magic School Bus Reboot Happening

2017 is already infinitely better than 2016. Y'know why?


The Magic School Bus was one of the highest rated children's shows to ever air on PBS. And now, we get to experience it all over again.

Of course, as times change, so will the show. Instead of the standard cartoon animation the show will be computer generated with a top-of-the-line school bus fitted with a ton of cool gadgets so that kids today will relate to it more. Miss Frizzle's hair will still be red and wild which frankly is all that matters.

The reboot is being produced by Stu Stone, the guy who voiced Ralphie in the original series! He claims a lot of original cast members have signed on to the project.

"There are tons of cameos planned. I know that there are big stars who want to be involved in this," he told TMZ. "And there's a whole generation of people who grew up on this series that want to be a part of it now that it's back."

The Netflix premiere date is still TBD, but that doesn't mean I'm not incredibly excited! Plus, you can always watch the old episodes currently on Netflix if you feel like getting baked into a pie, or something.

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