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Pokémon Go Just Got A Whole Lot Safer

If you've been on the Internet at any point in the last week, you're well aware that Pokémon Go is taking the country by storm. Since being released on July 6th, the augmented reality app has exploded, becoming the biggest mobile game in U.S. history.

However, the popularity of the game has raised a number of safety concerns. Multiple police agencies have warned players about the risks of wandering through the streets while staring at their phone. Many players have also taken to playing late at night, where being distracted by your phone can become a lot more dangerous. Thanks to one boy from Nebraska, playing after dark is about to get a whole lot safer.


After hearing his parents' concern for kids playing the game after dark, Athen Salcedo came up with the idea for the Poké Glo. The Poké Glo is a highly reflective button made to look like a PokéBall that makes players more visible to cars. He's already had plenty of happy customers in his hometown.

Along with selling the pins to local players, he's started both a website and a Gofundme, which managed to surpass it's goal in just one day. Unfortunately, due to legal concerns, he has had to redesign his pins somewhat.

He's wasn't deterred one bit, however. He spent the next day redesigning his prototypes and is ploughing ahead with his plans to get them into as many player's hands as possible.

" I did not want any people to get hurt from being out late with the Pokemon Go game so I made a reflector button that lights up when cars drive by. I want everyone to have one. Hopefully more people will get them and wear them all the time when they play so cars can see them"

We hope so too, Athen!