6 Things About Patrick Dempsey That Prove '80s Girls Have The Best Taste In Men


Patrick Dempsey was gorgeous in 1987, and somehow he is even more gorgeous over 30 years later. He went from "that boy I had a crush on," to "my dear lord I want this man to have my children." I am convinced he will be the hottest 80 year old we will ever see.

While I could talk about how good-looking he is all day, here are six things you didn't know about your forever crush:

1. He was almost in another one of our favorite medical dramas.

Before being cast in Grey's Anatomy, he auditioned for the role of Dr. Robert Chase on House. The producers decided to go in another direction, obviously. Although it would have been nice to see him on both shows, I can't help but think he may have never auditioned for Grey's if he was already working on House. Everything happens for a reason I guess.

2. He was also almost in another one of our favorite 80s films.

Okay, apparently Dempsey missed a lot of huge opportunities because he auditioned for Pretty in Pink for the role of Ducky. The producers picked Jon Cryer for the role over Dempsey. But hey, it was probably because Dempsey was just too attractive to play the role of Ducky. It's a good thing Dempsey didn't give up, because only a year later he was one of the stars of Can't Buy Me Love, which we all remember and loved.

3. His first wife was 27 years older than him.

In 1987, Dempsey married the actress and drama coach Rocky Parker. At the time he was 21 years old and Parker was 48. The couple split up in 1994 and later Dempsey admitted their marriage was a mistake. He got remarried in 1999 to Jillian Dempsey and they are still together with three children. If you are wondering, his whole family is as beautiful as he is. Honestly, I would be genuinely surprised if they didn't turn out perfect with those genes.

Okay, this next one really makes me wish I was famous.

4. He dropped out of high school.

Okay this story shows how nice is it to be famous. He dropped out of high school in his senior year to pursue acting. In 2013, when his former high school found out that he was receiving an honorary doctorate degree of humanities from Bowdoin College, he was given his high school diploma that Friday and then that Saturday he received his doctorate.

5. He used to be a diva.

Dempsey admitted to Barbara Walters that he was a diva in the beginning of his career. “You can’t have temper tantrums. You have to be professional, and I don’t think I understood that at the time,” he said. He admitted that his career slowed down after he started being a diva, and he kind of got the picture after that.

6. He is dyslexic.

He was diagnosed at the age of 12 and he says that to this day, he still struggles with script readings. “I think that’s when I get the most insecure…it’s very hard for me to read it off the page. I need to memorize it, in order to go on,” he said.

So, aside from being the most good-looking man on earth, Patrick Dempsey has a pretty interesting past too. Now that you've learned these facts, I suggest spending some time googling pictures of him, because that's how I just wasted the past 15 minutes, and I have no regrets.