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Vintage Pictures From Old Bowling Alleys That'll Strike You Right In The Nostalgia

Bowling was the birthday party excursion every kid wanted. If you weren't going bowling, then what was the point of even having a party? Bowling alleys have advanced since we were kids, but I bet your parents would tell you that even the ones we went to were considered advanced to them.

These are some vintage photos of old bowling alleys that will make you not only nostalgic, but also a little bit thankful we don't have to deal with it.

You had to keep score, there was no machine to do it for you.

Joe Herring Jr.

I hope your math is on point.

Those pins aren't going to reset themselves...


Bowling alleys were great date spots, because their diner-style counter made it easy to eat and bowl.

Slushies, anyone?

D.V. DeVito

The wooden paneling made you feel like you were in a friend's basement, which was great.


Plus the outfits were a little different than they are now.

None of this "t-shirt and jeans" business.

Joe Herring Jr.

In general, bowling leagues were way more popular.


Some alleys even had couches.

Highland Park Bowk

Others, on the other hand, weren't quite as fancy.

10-pin bowling was all the rage, and my mother will still get upset every time she goes to an alley that is exclusively 5-pin.

As for the shoes? Well, they're pretty much the same.

Waking Life

Were you a big fan of bowling?