Of Course Madonna's Carpool Karaoke Causes Controversy

Madonna was one of the latest celebrities to be featured in James Cordon's Carpool Karaoke and in true Madonna fashion she found a way to stir up all kinds of controversy. Rolling Stone Magazine didn't seem to impressed with her moves.

Seriously, all she's got to do is lift her leg up and the internet looses it's marbles.

Ok, so she does a little more than lift her leg....

Apparently, a lot of people have a hard time accepting that a 58-year-old woman can twerk, lift her leg up to her ear, or talk about her sexual conquests (one of which was Michael Jackson).

But I ask you this: If we don't expect David Bowie, or Bon Jovie to stop being who they are as performers when they reached a certain age, then why should we expect Madonna to change who she is just because she's in her 50's?

Watch the video and decide for yourself - do you think it's time that she retired her "free spirited" persona?