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Now You Can Live In Super Mario World, Thanks To Virtual Reality

There are a few worlds that we wish we could enter. Obviously there a million movies that we would love to insert ourselves into, but one that has been a staple in our own world for decades is the Mario world.

The video games have been around since the original Nintendo system but it has constantly been evolving into bigger and better things, most recently turning it into an enormous game that is going to be released soon. But that game is still being done the same way they all have: on screens.


Whether it's an NES, an N64, or the new Nintendo Switch, they never seem to find a way to make it feel a little more real. Well, one person found a way to bring Mario to life in the most amazing way and you have to see it.


Using Augmented Reality, the people at Unity3D were able to bring to life the iconic first level of the original Super Mario Bros. game. It's just like the side-scrolling adventure you know and love, except you are Mario, and the world is where ever you happen to

As soon as you put on the headset there are blocks to break, pipes to climb over and you can even jump on a Goomba!

All of the footage the released so far is so impressive. It sticks to the retro pixel-filled style, but they even add in important details like the mushrooms that make you grow taller. One you get one of those all the pipes, trees and even the nearby Goombas get a bit smaller so you can jump onto them easier.

This isn't the first time someone created an amazing retro game using VR. One of the most famous video games ever, Duck Hunt, recently got a similar treatment. Check it out on page 2.

Duck Hunt is one of the most classic games around. Everyone recognizes it as soon as it starts up and honestly would still enjoy playing it to this day.

With all the virtual reality systems and games coming out, trying to bring back a classic was inevitable. The way that these game designers did it was super interesting though.

Unlike the Super Mario Bros. version by Unity3D that uses Augmented reality and puts Mario's world over top of your own, Duck Hunt transforms everything you see into the classic game, giving you that fully immersed experience.


They have two modes: the classic version from 1984, and then the new 2017 version. The classic version plays exactly like the old one except you get to control where you are looking, and feel like you are in it.


The 2017 version looks pretty much identical, until you get your weapons. They modernized all of the weapons and added in a bunch of stuff that would never be legal to use on ducks, but anything goes in the video game world!

Which video game world do you wish had a VR version?

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