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'Free Willy' Star Jason James Ritcher Arrested For Domestic Violence

Warner Bros Instagram - Jason James Richter

Former child actor Jason James Richter, star of the iconic movie Free Willy, has recently gotten himself arrested.

Many of us have forgotten about Richter, especially because he had stepped out of the spotlight for several years. He only started acting again in guest spots on shows like Bones and Criminal Minds in 2009, but nothing seemed to relaunch his career.

He continued working though, taking small parts in a variety of projects, with several movies set to be released this year, but apparently there's been a lot going on behind the scenes.

The actor-turned-musician was arrested on Monday in San Fernando Valley, held on counts of misdemeanor domestic violence and vandalism.

Richter spent two nights in jail before he was released on a $20,000 bond.

TMZ reports that Richter and his girlfriend began an argument after he accused her of having an affair. Allegedly, the actor left their home, but shortly returned still upset.

The girlfriend claimed that she hid in the bedroom, locking the door behind her, but Richter broke it down and "grabbed her" by the wrists and pulled her back into the living room.

Four hours after the incident, she went to a police station and filed a report, citing domestic violence.

Police arrested Richter, bringing him to jail for the two nights. He's now facing charges of vandalism because of his forceful entry into the room, and battery on a significant other with no physical injury.

These charges could land the Free Willy star behind bars for up to a year, but the sentence won't be determined until his court date, which has not been announced.

He now joins the many child actors who've ended up behind bars, including Edward Furlong (Terminator 2), Brian Bonsall (Family Ties), and Dustin Diamond (Saved by the Bell).

Source - TMZ / ET Online / Metro

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