How to Arrange a Disco Party

Do you want to spend some time with your friends? Of course, you can watch a movie or play at the live Canadian casino. But you can also make this evening special and arrange a disco party.

The Main Idea

Of course, at the party, dedicated to the culture of the 80's and disco style, the main component is music. To plunge into the atmosphere of that time and feel like a disco dancer, you should choose compositions that will be interesting for both the older generation and young people. It is important to set the pace of the event and set guests on the wave of the 80's, and then the party will be fun and relaxed!

Prepare small surprises for guests. For example, disks with disco music. You can record the music and design its cover yourself. On the front side, you can place a photo of yourself or a photo of each guest. Such a surprise will please all the guests. Such a disk can be handed over at the very end of the party, as a memorable souvenir.


Creating an atmosphere of a disco hall in an ordinary apartment is quite realistic! To do this, cover all the windows of the room with a dark opaque cloth or any other material that does not let the light through. Everyone has Christmas tree lights at home (LED curtain lights will also work). You can also safely use them as decorations.

Create a makeshift scene in the room. Fence a selected piece of the floor with glowing Christmas tree garland, glued with duct tape. Decorate the backdrop of the stage. You can make a semblance of a backdrop out of wattman or just hang a poster with the word "Stage". It can be decorated with tinsel or other bright decorations.

Dress Code

The disco style is definitely the brightest and most extravagant style, which allows full use of his imagination. Everyone probably remembers the timeless kings of disco - the bands Bonney M and Ottawan, who literally swept away the youth of the time with their images. Big colored wigs, glittery clothes, bright glasses and lots of accessories will help to create your own disco look.

Games and Contests

Karaoke is a traditional contest at a disco party. The rules of the contest are simple. Each participant chooses a song from the 80's era and performs it. The winner is determined by a vote of all participants.

Dance is a great way to lighten up and diversify the holiday! Especially if the theme of the party, one way or another, is associated with dance. For a dance contest a leader is chosen from all participants, who should show different movements to the music. The rest of the guests should repeat the movements for the leader. The participant who, according to the general opinion, repeats the dance most accurately wins.