Britney Spears Pepsi Songs Are Out For The First Time, And They'll Bring You Joy

Attention Britney Spears fans! Christmas has come early and we're about to tell you why.

For those of you who were around during the good ol' days that were the late 90s/early '00s, you will recall that there were two kinds of people - Pepsi fans and Coca-Cola fans.  

Both brands had successful marketing campaigns and garnered large fan followings, including celebrities. But at the start of the millennium, it was Pepsi that had the upper hand in the legendary rivalry, also known as the "Cola Wars."

NY Daily News

Pepsi recruited some of the most popular celebrities at the time to endorse their brand, and spent millions of dollars in advertisement campaigns that would set it apart from the competition. In 2001, the company launched what is arguably its greatest campaign, featuring one of the biggest pop stars of this generation: Britney Spears.

Let's take a look back at them:

The first ad aired during the Superbowl and featured a super catchy pop tune paired with an old Pepsi Jingle.

After receiving high viewership and positive reactions, Pepsi knew they'd hit the jackpot and went on to release subsequent ads featuring the Baby One More Time singer.

The ads were always fun to watch and sing-along to. Some of us even tried to emulate Britney's killer dance moves. Even 1966 presidential candidate Bob Dole joined in on the fun when he made an appearance in one of the commercials.

As Britney's time with Pepsi started to come to an end, the company knew she had to go out with a bang, so they blessed us with a final ad that not only featured Britney, it also starred Enrque Iglesias, Pink and Beyonce. Set in a Roman coliseum, the ad shows the pop stars marching towards the center to their rendition of Queen's "We Will Rock You."

Now, over 15 years after the first ad aired, you'll be able to hear the full version of the original jingles sung by Britney.

This week, for the first time ever, the extended version of two of the Pepsi commercial jingles were made available on the internet.


Even if you aren't on team Pepsi, you will be hit with a pang of nostalgia as soon as you hear the opening notes of the full, high quality versions of "Joy of Pepsi" and "Now and Then."

You can listen to both songs below:

Now that we know that these full songs exist, the only thing that can make this better is for the extended version of the "We Will Rock You" cover by Britney, Pink and Beyonce to be released.

Which one of these ads is your favorite?