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9 Embarrassing Commercials Our Favorite Stars Were In Before They Were Famous


We always talk about "Where are they now?' but what about, "Where were they before?" Here's nine hilariously embarrassing commercials our favorite celebrities were in before they got famous:

1. Brad Pitt - Pringles

I've never seen anyone so excited to eat Pringles. These people make it look like the most fun activity ever. Oh Brad Pitt, the things you've achieved.

2. Steve Carell - Brown's Chicken

After seeing Steve Carell as Micheal Scott, my mind just pictures this commercial starring The Office character, and it makes it so much better, trust me.

3. John Travolta - Safe Guard

In this commercial John Travolta is in a shower with two other guys singing about their bath soap. And we all thought that Grease was his first singing debut.

4. Meg Ryan - Burger King

Meg Ryan is way too excited about Burger King. Also the song playing in the background sounds like it's straight out of a nightmare.

5. Farrah Fawcett - Schick

Farrah Fawcett is very beautiful but her voice in this commercial gives you an instant headache. This was before she became a sensation on Charlies' Angels, and the first time we got to see that very 70s hairdo.

6. Paul Rudd - Super Nintendo

Right now this commercial is hilarious to me because how intense they make it look. In reality, these games were blurry characters that couldn't do anything. At the time it felt as intense as it looks in this commercial.

7. Morgan Freeman - Listerine

This commercial is so not the Morgan Freeman we know and that is why it's so hilarious. Also, the fact that the entire commercial's philosophy is "It tastes so bad it has to work, right?" And finally, why are they casually chatting about Listerine while working on telephone wires.

8. Ben Affleck - Burger King

That's right, Meg Ryan isn't the only one who starred in Burger Kind commercials. Ben Affleck plays a "Rule breaker," that delivers Burger King to a mysterious person with a creepy/murder-like voice.

9. Tobey Maguire - Atari Lynx

Tobey played a young boy at school who went to the bathroom to play his "colored video game." But seriously, can you imagine being in a bathroom and hearing someone like that in a stall beside you? I'd probably call the police. I wonder if he had any Spider-Man games...

Do you remember any of these? Which commercial was your favorite?