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Duck Hunt "Secret" Is Going Viral Thanks To Seth Rogen


Duck Hunt is one of those games that managed to become an all-time favorite even though the premise was so simple.

All you needed to do was shoot the ducks using that big ol' controller, but it was still super tricky. We all played it a lot though, whether it was because the game was actually fun or if it was because it was our only option, we can't ever be sure.

The game may have come out in America in 1987, and was so popular it was actually added to more modern systems as a downloadable game.

But there's always been one thing that people wondered: What does the second player controller actually do?

A lot of people assumed it was just a one player game, but now one unlikely source has blown the minds of thousands of people on Twitter after revealing his discovery.

Seth Rogen revealed the "hot tip" on Twitter last night, saying "Hot tip that's 25 years lat but I didn't have Twitter back then: In Duck Hunt on Nintendo, the second player controller controlled the duck."

Nearly 80,000 people have liked the tweet, and nearly 15,000 have retweeted it. He went on to say, "Me and my sister found this out because I sat on the controller by accident and the duck kept flying to the top right corner."

Since that tweet, he's received thousands of replies of people who were completely shocked to hear that this was possible.

Hamilton and Mary Poppins Returns actor Lin-Manuel Miranda sent out his response, that I think the rest of us can commiserate with.

Josh Gad also expressed his shock.

But it's not just celebrities who are stunned. The rest of us are just as baffled.

And begging for their lost time back.

Some demanded proof.

Although there are some people who claim they've known all along...