Push Up Those Sleeves Because Don Johnson Has 11 Fashion Tips For You!

Happy birthday Don Johnson! He is now 67 years old which is crazy because Miami Vice was just on wasn't it? No? Apparently it's been off the air for 26 years. Well that's a surprise.

The bigger surprise? Don Johnson's classic outfits are STILL talked about to this day! The crazy white suits with bright colored shirt combos are still referenced in pop culture all the time! Whether it is in shows like Friends or Brooklyn Nine Nine, Don Johnson's style has been a talking point for decades now.

Let's push up our sleeves and really dive into the epic nature of his outfits. Her are the 11 most important fashion lessons we learned from Don Johnson.

1. Police work can be easily done in white pants and a deep V-neck t-shirt. It isn't an issue.

2. Staying in touch is very important. How else would you know what pastel color is in style today?

3. The tighter the T-Shirt the more effective the look.

4. You should be able to see all the way down to your belly button so make sure you undo those buttons. They will hinder your police work!

5. Sometimes you can try something new and go for a light grey blazer instead of a white blazer. Risky, but the pay off is worth it.

6. If you change it up a lot, make sure you use the brightest shirts to make sure everyone can still locate you in a large crowd.

7. Make sure to store your most stylish sunglasses in an easy to access area.

8. Always get a drink that matches the color of your shirt so no one will know if you spill. Just, whatever you do: DO NOT SPILL ON THE PANTS.

9. Try up some new hairstyles every once and a while, pair it with a drastically bright shirt that matches your frosted tips

10. In photographs, pose so that people see your smiling face and think you are nice, but have just the edge of your gun showing so they never forget you are a super tough cop.

11. And most importantly, when you know you look good, don't be afraid to point it out!

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