Do You Remember Playing With These When You Were Young?

Before there was a Barbie in every kid's house, these paper dolls were all the rage. They were cheap to make and kids still loved them even though they didn't have all kinds of crazy gimmicks.

Paper dolls first became popular back in the 1800s, but stuck around for a long time. While parents couldn't always afford a china doll or a plush toy, paper was pretty easy to get. The parents could even make their own dresses and outfits for the toys to give them a new look!

Magazines started to publish recurring characters in their issues so for the kids who played with them it was almost like getting a free toy every month!

Many celebrities got turned into paper dolls. Shirtley Temple, Lucille Ball and even Elvis Presley!

The designs were really quite intricate, and there are even some that are worth a fair amount of money. Most however are just a happy memory of a simpler time.

Did you ever play with paper dolls when you were a kid? Did you have a favorite who had the best outfits?

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