Did You Know These 7 Interesting Facts About Mr. Dressup?

Mr. Dressup was one of the most iconic characters in children's television for decades. But how much do you really know about him?

The long history of Mr. Dressup is one to celebrate! Here are 7 interesting facts about one of the greatest shows for kids!

1. Mr. Dressup's real name is Ernie Coombs

American Ernie Coombs first created the character of Mr. Dressup for a TV series called Butternut Square in 1964 before the show officially launched in 1967

2. He used to be a painter

Coombs was a painter, set designer and technician before he became on of the most famous characters in children's television

3. Casey the puppet has no gender

Mr. Dressup never really identified Casey as a boy or a girl.

4. Casey was retired from the show in 1989

The puppeteer Judith Lawrence wanted to retire so instead of continuing the puppets, the show made the announcement that Casey was going to kindergarten.

5. Mr. Dressup is one of the longest running TV shows in Canadian history.

It ran from 1967 through 1996. It is beat out by The Friendly Giant which premiered in 1958.

6. Mr. Dressup had a live travelling show

After the show ended he traveled around in a show called "Tales From The Tickle Trunk" and explained the stories behind the characters in the show.

7. The Tickle Trunk is on display in a museum

It is in the CBC Museum in Toronto, Canada.

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