23 Times Bill Nye The Science Guy Was The Greatest

One of the world's greatest treasures is Bill Nye. His birthday is on November 27th and in honor of his 61st birthday, we thought we would remind you of some of the reasons you fell in love with him.

His ability to make science interesting and fun for kids was remarkable. His videos were shown in elementary schools and high schools everywhere. At least he was in my high school because the science teacher had a crush on him. But, either way he was still amazing!

Check out 23 of the times that Bill Nye was the coolest science guy around.


1. When he wore a wig to teach you about static electricity

2. When he danced like a bird

3. When he swung in like Tarzan

4. When he jumped off a cliff

5. When he wore sunglasses and looked so cool

6. When he wasn't afraid to make silly faces

7. When he made this motion

8. When he was a dance pro

9. When he played the guitar like a rock star

10. When he got a little bit dizzy

11. When he was a cheerleader for a day

12. When he got startled by this skull

13. When he did a lot of snapping

14. When he was on dancing with the stars because he is the greatest star

15. When he was a proud owner of a great catchphrase

16. When he totally tied that bowtie like a boss

17. When he looked super disappointed

18. When he pulled a fast one on you and showed off his grace

19. When he didn't care what you thought about him

20. When he was really confused

21. When he had exactly enough of your nonsense

22. When he was a better dancer than you could ever hope to be

23. Seriously, he is the greatest dancer

So, in honor of Bill Nye's birthday, go learn something! Science rules!