Aerobic Championships From The 80s Are The Funniest Thing You Will See On The Internet

Have you ever watched something and gotten exhausted even though you were sitting still? These clips are the best example of that.

Have you ever heard of the Crystal Light National Aerobics  Championship? Because it will fill a void you didn't even know you had. You will never be more worn out than watching these incredibly fit people jump around in spandex.

Choreographed exercise done at high speeds to a really upbeat song will totally get you motivated to work out... right?

Do you need some motivation? We have got you covered.

Are you ready? Probably not...

There is no competitive sport I would rather watch

Everyone is so positive and happy

They are so energetic

So many unique routines!

Seriously, how do they have this much energy?

What is even happening here?

The 1986 version of aerobics was quite the interesting thing.

But the 1988 Championship was the absolute best. Seriously, watch their opening act. Become a Champion.

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BONUS: Someone mashed it up with Taylor Swift's "Shake it off" and it fits PERFECTLY.