Actor Judge Reinhold Arrested After TSA Confrontation

80s film star Judge Reinhold - who's most famous for his roles in Beverly Hills Cop and Fast Times at Ridgemont High - was arrested yesterday after a disagreement with airport security staff at Dallas Love Field.

The 59 year old actor was charged with disorderly conduct after refusing to enter a private screening room and acting belligerently towards TSA staff.

We don't know exactly what Reinhold said or did, but it may have gone something like this:

The incident apparently wasn't enough to dampen the actor's spirit, as cameras caught him smiling playfully and thanking reporters "for the exposure" while being lead away in handcuffs.

The Dallas Morning News reports that Reinhold passed through the airport's security scanner without setting off any alarms but his luggage didn't. TSA agents asked Reinhold to step into another room for a screening and submit to a pat down, but he was uncooperative.

Reinhold's charge means he could face a fine of up to $500, depending on how harshly he's judged.