13 Abandoned Theme Parks Whose Forgotten Characters Will Give You The Creeps

Going to a theme park is supposed to be a good time. There are rides, there are attractions, and there are often characters that you know and love.

The problem is nothing can last forever. Sometimes these parks that were filled with laughing children and excited adults close down, but when they do, they don't always take everything with them.

That's right, sometimes the characters and the rides that used to bring you so much joy are left to fend for themselves in the harsh weather conditions and over the years they start to look a little, well... haunted.

After year of being left alone and vandalized, these formerly lovable creations turn into the decrepit and frightening figures that'll haunt your every nightmare. You can tell when you look at them that they used to be adorable, or used to make sense given the park, but now... Oh, boy.

1. Sailor Moon looks a little rough, but it's the guy in the background that's really concerning

Abandonned Theme Parks
If she turns away from the clown he will get closer... that's how she got the wound in her stomachAtlas Obscura

Located in South Korea, the abandoned Yongma Land houses a lot of famous faces from the 80s. But really my main question is what is with that creepy clown with X's for eyes in the background? Was he already dead? Also, Sailor Moon is going to need some serious surgery to recover from that stomach wound.

Apparently you can still go visit this park if you want to. You just need to call the owner who will charge you about $5 to go wander through the decrepit park. None of the rides work, but honestly, for $5 why wouldn't you?

2. Are you sure you know what a T-Rex looks like?

Bongoland Ruins
This is a T-Rex. No I am not kidding. Atlas Obscura

Bongoland was built in the 1940s, and all the dinosaurs were made out of chicken wire and concrete. Obviously they turned out super well. Between his almost smiling face and his big belly, I don't know how anyone could ever ignore this destination getaway.

But ignore it they did, Bongoland closed just five years after it opened. The dinosaurs remain creepily in the bushes, surrounded by beautiful gardens. It's actually still open to visit, so head on down to the Dunlawton Sugar Mill Gardens because that's what took over the area.

3. So romantic?

What a nice smoochAtlas Obscura

You may have thought that a Garfield amusement park would have been weird, but this Arkansas park didn't seem to think building an entire facility dedicated to a comic strip was weird. Dogpatch was built based on Lil Abner, but it was closed in 1993.

4. Floods may have destroyed the park, but nothing can take out the creepy

"I have fallen and I can't get up!" Atlas Obscura

Hurricane Katrina may have been over 10 years ago, but many of the areas affected are still destroyed. The Six Flags in New Orleans was completely destroyed and it was deemed too expensive to repair. There are creepy sights around every corner, leftover from it's days of a fun park.

It's technically illegal to go in there, and you could be fined with trespassing, but the people who have done it have reminded us of some of our old friends like the spooky clown above, or this nice little croc friend.

Six Flags New Orleans
"Oh, hi there. I didn't think anyone knew I was back here." Atlas Obscura

5. Even though he's missing 80% of his body, he's still got a smile on his face

Abandoned Theme Parks
"I'm not dead yet"Atlas Obscura

In a discount version of Disneyland, "The Enchanted Forest" opened up in Maryland. It had characters from fairy tales and nursery rhymes, and was very successful for quite a while. It opened in 1955 and lasted all the way until the late 80s.

6. He's a fighter, not a lover

This sweet ape looks like he may have lost the fight. His boxing gloves are breaking right off, his arms are very broken, and ear has been torn off, but at least he's still standing!

7. Santa swing means there are a lot of laps to sit on

Abandoned park
"Mommy, the only thing this Santa got me for Christmas was dizzy..."Atlas Obscura

The Cidade Albanoel is a Brazilian theme park, but while work was being done the owner was killed in a car accident. The only part of the park that was ever completed was the "Santa Park" which as you can see, is a little bit different.

8. Gnome-matter where you go, he'll be watching you

Fantasy World
"I see all." Atlas Obscura

It was hoping that it would become the "Disneyland of the Philippines" but financial issues prevented the park from ever completing construction. Which leaves us with these guys. I don't know what they are supposed to be from, but they feel like they are looking at you from every angle.

9. These creepy ducks definitely fit the bill

This ride is absolutely haunted because these ducks have caused two different fatalities. The first one was in the early 90s, but the park remained open, but after the second in 1999, the park was forced to close.

10. I don't think I want to go to Camelot anymore

Camelot abandoned park
How can it peer into my soul without eyes? Noodle / Flickr

It may have seemed like a cool thing to be able to check out Camelot, but if this is what it's like then I think I'm going to sit this one out.

11. I don't think even kids would like this...

Abandoned Carnaval Graveyard Holland
I don't know what this is, and I honestly don't want toUrbexnl

In the Netherlands, this park is actually just a collection of old floats from a Dutch Carnival that is celebrated right before Lent. The leftover floats sit together, slowly falling apart, but at least they have each other.

12. You've got to keep on smiling...

Takakanonuma Amusement park was originally opened in 1973, but it closed shortly after. It reopened in 1986 and managed to stay open for a few years. The park was closed for good this time, but instead of dissembling everything they left it as it. Rumor has it that there were deaths on some of the rides, so maybe it's haunted?

13. The 'Jurassic World' sequel is looking a little lame

Dinosaur park
Just taking a little napTheAuraSky

You know what, it's really hard to get up when you've got no one to impress. Just take a nap buddy, you've earned it.

Would you be brave enough to visit any of these abandoned parks? I guess walking around wouldn't be too scary, but some of these characters are a little terrifying to look at.