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14 Movies Struggles Any 90s Kid Knows Too Well

Being a movie fan now is fairly simple. Find a movie you like, find other people on the Internet who like the same movie, and voila! Instant friendship.

But remember in the 90s when liking movies was a legit struggle? Nothing prepared us for what we would have to endure.

1. No One Prepared You For "My Girl"

LISTEN. This was not okay. We were just kids!! We saw it was Kevin from Home Alone so we wanted to watch the movie!! Before the internet, you couldn't find spoilers or the general plot synopsis, so you had to go in blind, like Thomas J. Sennett without his glasses (too soon?)

2. Movie Times Took Investigative Efforts

There was no app for that. You either had to call the theater and listen to their list of movie times (don't get distracted and miss the one you were waiting for!) or you had to find the section in the newspaper which listed the times for the week. Half the time you would just show up at the theater and just see whatever was about to start.

3. Alicia Silverstone Betrayed You

Honestly, this was betrayal at the highest level. Clueless was such an iconic film and we all idolized Alicia. Then Excess Baggage came out and we thought "okay that's fine, everyone gets one bad role." But then Batman & Robin came out and we knew it was the beginning of the end.

4. Jim Carrey Impressions


Remember when Jim Carrey just dominated the movie scene in the 90s and we all thought he was hilarious? But then do you also remember everyone trying to impersonate Jim Carrey's characters to the point where hearing "SOMEBODY STOP ME!" or watching someone try and talk out of their butt was your breaking point? Same.

5. The 90210 Cast Made Awful Movies


But you watched every. single. one. You were not about to let the opportunity to watch Luke Perry on a massive screen pass you by. Unfortunately, that also meant watching some God-awful movies.

6. Pauly Shore Was A Thing


And yet somehow, you ended up watching more of his movies than you care to admit. How is that possible? In what universe did I willingly watching Pauly Shore act?

7. Period Pieces Were All The Rage

The Sun

We get it, okay? History happened and it was kinda cool, I guess. But that doesn't mean that all the Best Picture winners for the entire decade needed to be period pieces. Only 1991 and 1999 saw pieces that were set in the present day win the Oscar for Best Picture.

1990 — Dances With Wolves

1991 — The Silence of the Lambs

1992 — Unforgiven

1993 — Schindler’s List

1994 — Forrest Gump

1995 — Braveheart

1996 — The English Patient

1997 — Titanic

1998 — Shakespeare in Love

1999 — American Beauty

8. You Were S.O.L. 'til Your Friends Saw The Movie

Now, you can go online and find millions of other people to dissect Joe vs. The Volcano with. But at the time, the only way to discuss the often-underrated Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan rom-com was to wait for your lazy friends to finally go and watch it. And if they missed the theater run? Well damn. You had to wait until that baby came out on VHS to talk theories.

9. Titanic Stole All Your Money

Whether you were seeing it again because you enjoyed the film itself, or your pre-pubescent self just wanted to stare at Leo DiCaprio for 2 hours (more likely scenario), you spent all your money on going back to watch Titanic again and again. In theory, you could have passed it off as "educational", but in reality you just loved that "king of the world" scene.

10. Drew Barrymore Was Kind Sketch

Refinery 29

You originally saw her in E.T. and knew she would be a star, but you didn't think her star would be fueled with drugs and alcohol. Of course, she turned her life around and you couldn't be happier for her, but that was a scary time for Drew fans.

11. So. Many. Baseball. Movies.

Slash Film

I honestly didn't know "baseball" was a film genre, but the 90s proved me wrong. There were so many movies about this damn sport I don't know how they all got funded.

  • Little Big League
  • Angels In The Outfield
  • The Sandlot
  • Rookie Of The Year
  • A League Of Their Own
  • For The Love Of The Game
  • The Scout
  • Major League II
  • Major League: Back To The Minors
  • BASEketball (you can't fool us with your sports hybrid!!)
  • Mr. Baseball
  • The Fan
  • Talent For The Game
  • Soul Of The Game
  • The Comrades Of Summer
  • The Man From Left Field
  • Mr. Destiny
  • Partime
  • The Babe
  • Cobb
  • Three Wishes

12. Tarantino Chose Your Future

We all had at least one friend who talked about "studying film" after watching Pulp Fiction once. They also refused to admit movies that weren't done by Tarantino could be good, too. Ah, the origin of film snobs has been discovered!

13. Meg Ryan Was Infinite

Welcome To Ladyville

There was no way you would have believed that Meg Ryan would practically drop off the face of the earth by 2017. She was in everything that mattered and you wanted her to find true love on screen until the end of time.

14. "George Of The Jungle" Gave You Unrealistic Expectations For Brendan Fraser's Career

Imagine if he had kept up that physique for just like...10 more years? He could have ruled Hollywood. Fraser seemed unstoppable at the time, but now we're just hoping he's happy and not choking on a piece of bacon alone in his apartment.

What was your favorite part of the movies in the 90s?