Are Your 90s Heartthrobs Still Dreamy? See How They All Look Now!

The 90s were a pretty magical time for those who were looking for a boy to swoon over. Between all the TGIF shows, boy bands and teen movies, we had lots of options to choose from.

Want to know what your favorite teenage heartthrobs look like now? Don't worry we've got you covered! Check out all the boys of your preteen dreams below and see if you should still be drawing their names in hearts in your diary.

Andrew Keegan

Hopefully he learned how a back pack works.

Freddie Prince Jr.

He is still pretty dreamy!

Nick Carter

And, he is still singing those sweet slow jams with his fellow backstreet boys.

Devin Sawa

Also ditched the middle part, but still looking pretty good! I am sure lots of 90s girls would still swoon if he asked "Can I keep you?"


Joey Lawrence

Teen magazines have the strangest poses. Can you imagine the photoshoot? "Hold your arm like you just got a needle! Perfect"

Matthew Lawrence

I see that middle part creeping back in ... Way to go, hold onto that 90s look.

Jared Leto

Still rocking those baby blues!

James Van Der Beek

Looking good Dawson!

Joshua Jackson

Still has that big sweet smile.

Luke Perry

Can you believe Luke Perry is 50 years old?

Jason Priestley

His hair looks pretty similar to his 90s style.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Still funny and adorable.

Mario Lopez

Still rocking those dimples.

Mark Paul Gosselaar

Do you think he ever stops and looks to the side, talking to no one by mistake?

Will Smith

I don't think Will Smith ages?

Justin Timberlake

Ditching the frosted tips was probably one of the best moves he ever made.

John Stamos

It's almost annoying how attractive he still is.

Rider Strong

The beard suits you, friend!

Leonardo DiCaprio

Always so pensive, so thoughtful, so concerned.

And of course, the most important one of all: Jonathan Taylor Thomas

His hair no longer has the 90s middle part, but he is still looking pretty good! He is 35 now and you can check out some more hilarious pictures of him here.

Who was your 90s Heartthrob? Share in the comments!

PS - Why do more than half of these guys have names that start with J? Is that a dreamier letter than most?