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Does Seeing What Your '90s Crush Looks Like Now Make You Question Your Teenage Self's Taste In Men?

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There was no better decades for heartthrobs then the '90s. From the odd fashion to tribal tattoos and some hair styles that make us question our sanity now, it was a magical time for teen boys.

Who was on your crush list in the '90s? From movie stars, to boy band members and TV series regulars, we had our pick of the litter for who to pin up in our locker.

Have you wondered what these boys looks like now? While they may no longer fit on the cover of Tiger Beat some of these celebrity crushes may surprise you.

Justin Timberlake

Then: Back in the '90s we all remember J.T.'s  ramen noodle hair, but that didn't seem us from stopping to crush on this *NSync front-man. With a smile that could make you swoon, and more bleach in his hair than anyone should deem healthy, he was clearly one of the biggest boy crushes of our teenage years.

Age: 36

Now: Almost two decades later, Timberlake said goodbye to the bleach blonde and finally learned how to do his hair. He still looks good, and has continued to be insanely successful in music and movies, and is married to the lovely Jessica Biel.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Then: Which Leo did you love more in the '90s: Romeo, Jack or Arnie? It's hard to choose just one swoon-worthy Leo moment. So for the sake of argument, we all know why he is on this list. But what about now? Do we regret our choices?

Age: 43

Now: Leo can definitely still be hot when he wants to be, but there have definitely been some moments where we can question his crush-worthiness.

David Boreanaz

Then: Well you may have had the pin-up of everyone's favorite "angel" in your locker and on your bedroom wall, was it the right choice? David Boreanaz was definitely one of the most crush-worthy boyfriends of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, followed closely behind "Spike", James Marsters and "Riley", Marc Blucas.

Age: 48

Now: So what about now? From Buffy The Vampire Slayer to Angel, David has had a successful acting careers with a decade-long run on Bones and now SEAL Team. Maybe he really is a vampire, because two decades later, he still looks great!

James Van Der Beek

Then: Did you dream about meeting a sensitive boy like Dawson Leery? If so, James Van Der Beek was problem glued to the inside of your notebook in more than one place. Whether you were an aspiring film writer or you just wanted to meet this man of your dreams, we can understand this crush, to some degree.

Age: 40

Now: He became an internet meme sensation in recent years because of his famous crying scene in Dawson's Creek.

If that doesn't make you question this crush, then maybe this mustache will.

Devon Sawa

Then: Whether it was his ocean wave hair, or his soft-spoken ghostly ways, Devon Sawa was definitely a '90s boy crush most girls remember. From Casper to Now and Then, he was definitely crush-worthy on the big screen.

Age: 39

Now: Trying to escape his childhood fame and be taken seriously as an actor was a bit of a challenge for our '90s crush. Instead of giving sweet smiles, he is mostly playing detectives and guys that scowl.

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