This Awesome E.T. LEGO Set Is Missing An Important Detail - Only An 80s Kid Will See It.

How many of you watched E.T. and wished that you could meet an alien just as cool?

Creative thinker and LEGO enthusiast, Johan Alexanderson, has combined two things every 80s kid loves: LEGO and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and he needs your vote!

LEGO Jalex

LEGO IDEAS is a great open innovation program that encourages fans to come up with their own ideas for new LEGO sets and then share them with others.

In an e-mail to Shared, Alexanderson says he's "a big fan of the 80s movies," so it's no surprise that his inspiration for his latest project comes from this Spielberg classic.

Alexanderson has thought of just about everything! E.T.'s neck extends, his "heart light" turns on with the push of a button and his arms, hands, fingers and feet can

In addition to building E.T. himself, the kit would come with parts and instructions for his communicator too!

Fans love this idea for a LEGO set and hundreds of supporters are voting for this kit.

But there's just one thing missing that would make this kit complete - a light on his finger!

Check out the video below! If you want to see this project come to life, check out his account and cast your vote!