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7 Plots From V.C. Andrews Books That Absolutely Gave You The Creeps

Some books seemed to catch our attention more than others. Of course, we all loved the Sweet Valley High books, the Goosebumps series, and you can't forget Nancy Drew.

Sure, those books all had great plots and fun characters, but none were quite as crazy or captivating as V.C. Andrews' books.

V.C. Andrews stood out from the rest by writing these absolutely insane stories that terrified us all. Her books were generally categorized as "Gothic Horror" and often dealt with families going through taboo and creepy situations.

How many of these insane plots do you remember reading when you were young?

A dad tries to turn his daughter into her dead older sister

In the book My Sweet Audrina, the main character Audrina has to deal with the fact that her father cannot handle the death of her older sister. Her sister was also named Audrina and her dad keeps trying to turn new Audrina into the original.

He forces the new Audrina to hang out in original Audrina's room even though she begs him not to. I mean, if you don't believe me that it's creepy, read this short passage from the book:

“Papa,” I wailed for one last time, “please don’t make me...”

“Oh,” he said heavily, sighing, “why do I have to force you? Why can’t you just believe? Lean back in the rocker, put your head against the high back, hold the chair arms and begin to rock. Sing if it helps to wash your mind clean of fear, of worries, of desires and emotions. Sing and sing until you become an empty pitcher...”

A boy gets mauled by a tiger

In Dark Angel, two siblings are working at a circus when the brother ends up getting in the way of a rampaging tiger. The reason why no one stopped it? Well, the sister had distracted the dad by dressing up like her dead mother. Creepy.

A grandmother tortures her granddaughter by pouring tar in her hair

There is a lot of creepy things about the book Flowers in the Attic, but one of the most disturbing moments comes when the grandmother gets jealous of Cathy's long blonde hair.

How does she deal with this jealousy? Well, she drugs the girl and covers her hair in hot tar. Obviously all the hair would need to be cut off, but that is a much more dramatic way to do it for sure.

There are even more completely messed up stories written by V.C. Andrews. Click to the next page to remember more of these insane plots!

Kids drink their brother's blood while starving

Like I said, Flowers in the Attic is all kinds of messed up. While these kids are stuck in the attic they realize they are not doing great. Chris and Cathy are trying to keep their younger twin siblings alive, but they are out of food.

Chris at one point decides that the best way to feed his family is by cutting open his veins and letting them drink his blood. You read that right, THEY DRINK HIS BLOOD. Seriously.

There is a disturbing amount of incest

Again, can't say it enough, Flowers in the Attic is a truly bizarre piece of fiction. After Cathy and Chris have been trapped up in the attic for so long they start to fall in love with each other even though they are brother and sister.

Cathy at one point sneaks out of the attic and sees her stepfather asleep on the bed and kisses him, but Chris finds out when he overhears him talking about his 'dream'.

Chris is so mad that he rapes Cathy. He apologizes and said he loves her which she reciprocates but because they are siblings she doesn't know what to do with that.

Their mother has been poisoning them with powdered donuts

Seriously, Flowers in the Attic is one of the scariest books ever. Cathy and Chris find out that the reason their mother has had them locked in the attic is because she would lose her inheritance if it was revealed that she had children.

So to try and prevent getting caught, she had been putting donuts covered in rat poison up in the attic with them hoping they would die. The kids find out but instead of going to police, they escape and catch a train to Florida.  

A dad sells his kids for $500

It's not just Flowers in the Attic, that has some messed up family relations. In the book Heaven, a dad hatches a scheme to sell his five children for $500 a piece. It also has some incest implications in this book so really the whole thing is just super creepy.

These books are the kind of terrifying that sends a shiver down your spine. It's not jump scares or monsters, but people and families that are so messed up that it will freak you right out.

Did you read these books when you were younger? Let us know in the comments which one scared you the most!