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7 Best Movies About Writers: Recommendations from an Essay Writer

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Have you watched any movies about writers? If not, you definitely should.

Such movies can boost your writing skills and provide you the strength to not give up. They give you insights into the life of authors, who also face adversities and must overcome their struggles. There is something about watching a character face the same problems you do and say things you want to hear. Moreover, watching their writing process can be an eye-opening experience that will help you build rewarding habits and develop your own skills.

Many professional essay writers watch movies that chronicle the stories of authors. Apart from being an excellent source of entertainment, these help you learn valuable lessons, develop storytelling abilities, and keep yourself motivated every time. Below, you will find some of the best movies about writers that will boost your creative and analytical skills.

1. Adaptation (2002)

This brilliant piece successfully captures the intricate details of the writing process. Adaptation showcases the struggles of real-life screenwriter Charlie Kaufman who tries to adapt the book The Orchid Thief by Susan Orlean into a movie. Charlie is suffering from depression and writer’s block and also has to deal with the screenwriting ambitions of his twin brother, giving the audience a candid insight into the difficulties a writer faces.

If you are looking for an online dissertation writing service because of unbearable writer’s block, Charlie’s situation must resonate with you. You will love not only the smart, funny, and multilayered script but also the wonderful acting of Nicolas Cage.

2. Tolkien (2019)

Do we need to introduce J.R.R. Tolkien? The author of the masterpiece fantasy fiction Lord of the Rings, he was one of the greatest writers in history. And this British-American biographical drama movie portrays his early life. It documents the struggles of Tolkien, raised by a widowed mother, facing financial hardships, fighting in World War I, and losing friends. The movie shows how Tolkien found his passion for language and learned the art of storytelling. Essay writers who want to discover how Tolkien got the inspiration for his legendary books must watch this incredible film.

3. Midnight in Paris (2011)

Imagine how fun it would be to travel back in time and meet your favorite writers. Although this is not possible, you can enjoy the next best thing. Midnight in Paris is a fantasy drama film telling the story of the screenwriter and aspiring novelist Gil Pender vacationing in Paris with his fiancee. On night excursions, Gil finds himself traveling back in time to the 1920s and meeting legendary artists like Hemingway, Cole Porter, and Picasso. This delightful movie will teach you the powerful secrets behind good writing and how you can be an impactful essay writer. For even more inspiration, you can read essaypro review.

4. Capote (2005)

Directed by Bennett Miller, Capote is a biographical drama portraying the experiences of American novelist Truman Capote. The movie mainly focuses on the events associated with the writing of Capote’s 1965 non-fiction novel, In Cold Blood. The film follows the author as he travels to Kansas town to research and write about a murder in a local family. With a compelling plot and extraordinary acting, this Oscar-winning film is the story of an author’s obsession. Any professional essay writer would love this movie because it depicts how involved, dedicated, and passionate an artist becomes for his work.

5. Misery (1990)

This is a psychological thriller based on Stephen King’s 1987 novel that centers around the obsessiveness of a fan. The movie features a best-selling novelist Paul Sheldon who got injured in a serious car crash and was saved by his fan, Annie Wilkes. She takes him captive in a remote cabin and forces him to rewrite a novel according to her fantasy. The movie shows writers’ struggle to satisfy fans who can torture writers for not fulfilling their expectations. Apart from an extraordinary plot, the movie has clever storytelling and pleasing cinematography.

6. Hannah Arendt (2012)

This well-executed movie will teach you how expensive ideas are. It’s a biographical drama about the German-Jewish philosopher Hannah Arendt. She traveled to Israel in 1961 to feature the trial of Nazi leader Adolf Eichmann in the New Yorker. The movie successfully portrays the thinking and writing process of the author. You can expect intelligent cinematography that captures the method of brainstorming ideas and organizing thoughts before scribbling them down. Hannah Arendt can help essay writers understand the importance of research and thinking that goes into writing. In that hour, NoCraming will give students the best essay writing services review.

7. Wonder Boys (2000)

If you have suffered from writer’s block, you know how horrifying it is. But how about a movie that centers around the same problem? Wonder Boys is a comedy-drama that follows professor Grady Tripp who teaches creative writing but has been unable to publish his second novel. Grady faces serious relationship issues, professional difficulties, and painful writer’s block, making his story interesting. Apart from getting a sneak peek into the author’s struggle, Wonder Boys is packed with humor that will surprise you every minute.

Final Words

Movies are an excellent source of inspiration for essay writers. They motivate you to keep going and overcome complex challenges like writer’s block. When you watch the above films, you get insights into authors’ lives, their writing processes, and how they solve problems. They are the best form of entertainment that refreshes your mind, teaches storytelling, and gives you innovative ideas. So we suggest you watch a movie every weekend and see the positive change yourself.