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5 Features Of The Best Slot Sites

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The best slot sites make it simple for their players to see they’ll have a safe and fun gambling experience when wagering on their favourite games at the casino.

This is really important because there are so many gambling websites and not all of them can be trusted to give the experience that you demand from them.

From bonuses to games, we’ve highlighted the five key features that will tell you you’re using one of the best slot sites. Ready? Let’s get started.

The best slots sites have plenty of bonuses

Bonuses are offers that give you the chance to earn free spins or cash rewards to use on your favourite slot games.

The best slot sites have plenty of these offers and make it simple for you to get them.

Bonuses are a feature with a very clear benefit — you get more cash or casino credit to use on the games you want to play. This means you can have more attempts at the top slot titles, increasing the amount of fun you can have and winnings you could score.

Because so many online casinos advertise bonuses, it can be really time consuming finding the right ones for you. This is why it pays to read reviews of the best slot sites in the UK, as these guides do the hard work for you by highlighting the casinos with the top offers.

One thing you should keep in mind with these bonuses is that many of them have wagering requirements. In short, wagering requirements are the amount of your own cash you have to invest to withdraw the winnings you make from the reward.

Before playing, check out slot site reviews to find the bonuses you want and make sure you take a look at what the wagering requirements are before you sign up for them.

The top slot sites provide a great loyalty scheme

Loyalty schemes are rewards and benefits that are used by gambling sites to turn new players into returning customers.

The top sites look after their players by having schemes that show they care about them.

It’s generally pretty easy to find the loyalty schemes for slots sites. They’re often listed as VIP clubs and 888 is a good example of the sort of work you can expect to do find them on the websites.  

As you can see from the image below, the VIP club for 888 is listed on the homepage.

Once you get the 888’s VIP page, you’ll see that its loyalty scheme has three titers: VIP, VIP gold, and VIP platinum. These come with a range of benefits, such as an account manager, exclusive bonuses, and chances to win holidays.

Not all slot sites offer such extensive benefits with their loyalty scheme, with only the top ones going as far as casinos like 888.

So, before you decide which gambling sites are worth returning to, check what out their loyalty schemes offer and see if they really care about you.

The finest slot sites offer competitive payouts

You should always play casino games for fun and consider any winnings you make to be a welcome bonus. But it’s not a lot of fun if you rarely win.

Payouts are how you assess your chances of winning casino games and the finest slot sites offer competitive ones for their players.

You can find slot title payouts by looking for the return to player (RTP) of the game. RTP is represented as a percentage and every game has to advertise theirs.

It works like this. If a game has an RTP of 99% then it means £99 of every £100 wagered is returned to players over time, meaning there’s a house edge of 1%.

But you mustn’t think that if you bet £100 on such a game that you’ll get £99 back. This is because gambling is chance based and there are winners and losers. The result is you could end up with either more or less than £99, pending on your luck.

Look for slot sites that have games with high RTPs. Just remember that this payout measurement is a guide (not a guarantee) for how much you might win.

The premier slot sites prove they’re trustworthy

Trust is very important in the gambling industry. Casinos hold your bank account details and proof of identity, highly sensitive information that you need to be sure they’ll look after.

The premier slot sites demonstrate they can be trusted by showing they’re regulated by internationally recognised gambling organisations.

You can usually find the organisations that a specific casino is regulated by on the footer for every page on its website. Mr Green is a perfect example of this and the screenshot underneath shows what it includes in its footers.

The Gambling Commission (UK) is the regulator to take note of, along with text that explains the company is “registered in accordance with Maltese Law”.

All of the UK’s leading gambling sites include these icons. However, what really shows that Mr Green is a great casino is that it goes even further than this to win your trust.

It publishes recent user reviews at the top of its homepage and follows this immediately by showing the honours it’s won, including the SBC award for Socially Responsible Bookmaker of the Year in 2017.

So, look for the icons of gambling regulators on the slot sites you’re thinking about using and keep an eye out for any other trust signals — like customer reviews and industry awards.

The leading slot sites feature plenty of games

Games are the reason you visit casinos. While the chance to win some cash is appealing, games are the way you do this and how you have a fun experience at gambling sites.

The leading slot sites don’t just have a few games, they have hundreds (even thousands).

Many casinos have a variety of categories of slot titles. These are the most popular:

  • Classic
  • Video  
  • Retro
  • Jackpot

Within these there are different types of slot games, such as progressive and megaways. While it’s great to have so much choice, it can be tough knowing what types of slot games to play at the leading sites.

One of the things that can help you decide is looking at how many paylines it offers. This is a useful tip because paylines are the combination of symbols that leads to a win — the more paylines the more chances you have of winning.

Of course, it may be that you just want to pick the games that look the most interesting.

So, look for slot sites with plenty of games but make sure they have the ones that you’re looking for.

Bonuses, loyalty schemes, competitive payouts, games, and trust signals are the five key features you should expect from the best slot sites.

These things demonstrate that you can trust a casino to look after your sensitive information and to give you a great experience when you use it.

So, next time you’re thinking of using a slot site, review the website and ask yourself if it offers all of the five features we’ve highlighted.