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25 Embarassing Prom Photos Celebrities Don't Want You To See

Do you remember your prom? It comes at a time in your life where all your hormones are going crazy and big changes are happening in your life.

You're about to graduate from high school and move on to the next phase of your life! What better way to prepare for that then to buy an expensive dress or wear a fancy suit and dance the night away?

Sometimes it's easy to see glamorous celebrities as the perfect creatures who look amazing all the time and are somehow ageless. Well, that's because you haven't seen these pictures yet. Prom photos from the past are one of the funniest things you can look at. It gives you a little glimpse into the styles at the time and people's lives. Check out these 25 hilarious prom photos of all your favorite stars.

1. Michelle Obama

Look at that slit up the leg! Michelle you always look so stylish!

2. Will Ferrell

There is no doubt in my mind that he was one of the biggest class clowns in history.

3. Claire Danes

So sweet!

4. Danielle Fisher and Lance Bass

That's right, Topanga went to prom with Lance Bass from *NSYNC. Jealous?

5. Jimmy Fallon

He looks so tiny!

6. Brad Pitt

Almost looks like a wedding photo. That is some dress his date is wearing!

7. George Clooney

Ladies man for life.

8. Matthew McConaughey

He doesn't even look like the same person!

9. Ashton Kutcher

Pre-Michael Kelso, but still a goofball.

10. Jennifer Aniston

I am surprised no one is copying this haircut, truly iconic.

11. Julia Roberts

She just isn't herself without that smile is she?

12. Ellen Degeneres

There is just so much happening in this picture it's hard to absorb it all...

13. Jessica Alba

That is some dress choice.

But Jessica Alba's not the only one who probably regrets her prom fashion...

14. Beyonce

How often do you think this guy pulls out this picture to remind everyone he knows he dated Beyonce?

15. John Hamm

Not quite Don Draper, but not half bad!

16. Halle Berry

I feel like there is nothing she can wear that will make her look bad...

17. Ru Paul

Just completely iconic.

18. Kelly Pickler

Someone watched one too many Christina Aguilera videos!

19. Carrie Underwood

She looks the exact same!

20. Amy Poehler

It looks like there is a lot going on with that dress!

21. Tupac

His date has the biggest sleeves I think I have ever seen!

22. Blake Lively

Her date looks like he is terrified of her.

23. Natalie Portman

She looks so very uncomfortable.

24. Kim Kardashian

Do you think she was still taking selfies back then?

25. Scarlet Johansson

Okay we get it, you are beautiful... It's just not fair.

What did your prom pictures look like? Are you brave enough to share them?