21 Photos That Will Have You Saying "Oh My God," Right Before You Drown In Nostalgia

They say a picture's worth a thousand words, and often all it takes is a single photo to bring back a tidal wave of memories. But sometimes, that photo can also bring back the sounds, smells, and feelings that come from those memories. Here's a bunch of pictures that will take you right back to your childhood

The click of these on the gym floor

So satisfying, for some reasonAmazon

The fizzy taste of Clearly Canadian

Still haven't found anything like itClearly Canadian

The struggle of picking the right movie to rent

Trying to find a movie everyone agreed on was basically impossibleRoger Ebert

The excitement when they actually had copies of the movie you wanted

Or the crushing defeat when they didn'tMental Floss

The rumble of riding these scooters in gym class

No idea what they were supposed to teach us, but they made gym class funFlaghouse Activity Channel

Followed by the agony of having it run over your damn fingers

My fingers hurt just looking at this...Amazon

The horror of realizing your HyperColor shirt showed the world just how sweaty you were

It was a simpler timeGlamour

The sweaty comfort of wearing your favorite jelly shoes

Though the smell was the stuff of nightmaresVeneclic Instagram

The confusion of what learning the recorder was supposed to teach us

What were they preparing us for?Toy News

The sense of accomplishment when this happened

It was even better when it happened by accidentMe.Me

But wait, what's that smell?

The woody smell of sharpening your pencil

Often followed by the pain of smashing your knuckles off the wallThe Chive

The warm fuzzy feeling when your friends made you pins or bracelets

What could be better than something both fashionable AND sentimental?Bobbles and Baubles / Hey Wanderer / Like Totally 80s

The scratchy feeling of a Tech Deck's grip tape against your finger

It always left a weird dust, but we were too busy poppin' ollies to careWikiHow

The eternity that seemed to pass while you waited for the TV Guide to scroll to the channel you wanted

And the devastation of blinking and realizing you missed itYouTube

The feeling of pushing down the buttons of a payphone

Most of the time, we did it for fun, we weren't even trying to make a callYouTube

The so...und of your Dis...cman sk...ipping

And the irrational rage that would bubble up every time it happenedYouTube

The smell of your latest creation being ironed

Melting plastic has never smelled so goodImgur

The horrendous screech of the wrong part of this holder hitting a chalkboard

It was a sound that basically touched your damn soulEtsy

The gross but also hypnotic feeling of holding one of these toys

But now they remind us of sex toys, because nothing is sacredTumblr

The musty smell of the mesh pinnies we had to wear in gym class

Did they ever wash these? Because it sure didn't smell like iteBay

The weird but also really satisfying feeling of pulling off this trick

Before the internet we had to find creative ways to entertain ourselvesShared