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18 Facts 90s Kids Will Be Shocked To Hear

Ah, the '90s. There's no shortage of trends that came from the best decade. Ask any '90s kids for three facts about that time and they'll give you five. I don't think there is a generation more proud to be born in a span of years than those born in the '90s.

But we uncovered some facts from those years that will most likely startle all '90s kids.

Take a look and see if you knew any of these odd facts!

1. The guy who voiced the Taco Bell Chihuahua also voiced Rocko from Rocko's Modern Life: Carlos Alazraqui.

2. Michael Jackson sang backup vocals on "Do The Bartman."

3. Space Jam was actually a spin-off from a 1992 Nike commercial.

4. Jennifer Aniston HATED "The Rachel" haircut and thought it looked ugly.

5. The Backstreet Boys were named after a flea market in Florida. The market was called "Backstreet Market" and was a local teen hangout spot.

6. The Return of Jafar was Disney's first direct-to-video sequel. It cost $5 million to make and grossed $120 million.

7. Totally Hair Barbie is the best-selling Barbie of all time.

8. Earring Magic Ken, which was released in 1993, became a huge seller among gay men, which was mainly due to the way he was dressed.

9. There's an episode of Tiny Toons that has been banned because Buster, Hamton, and Plucky get drunk, steal a police car, and die in a drunk driving accident. It was meant to be a warning against the dangers of drunk driving.

10. Beanie Babies only became popular when a group of neighbors in Chicago started trading them with a strict set of rules.

11. The Rugrats have a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame

12. Furbies were banned from NSA headquarters in Maryland for fear they would hear top-secret conversations and then repeat them.

13. Clarissa Explains it All had a spin-off series for which a pilot was shot, but it never aired.

14. Animaniacs was supposed to be about ducks, but then the creators realized how many other duck-themed cartoons existed.

15. Marlon Wayans gets residuals for Batman Forever even though he was not in the movie. Wayans was cast as Robin by Tim Burton. But when Warner Bros. changed the director to Joel Schumacher, Chris O'Donnell was cast as Robin instead. But per a clause in Marlon's contract, he got his full salary plus residuals.

16. Jessie was originally addicted to speed, not caffeine pills. But NBS standard's department made them change it.

17. JNCO stands for "Judge None, Choose One

18. Harrison Ford turned down Steven Spielberg's offer to play Dr. Alan Grant in Jurassic Park.