17 Reasons Why Posh Spice Was The Best Part About Spice World

Any 90s kid can agree that the release of Spice World was a pretty wonderful moment in their life. I mean, it was essentially like a musical, but staring our favorite Girl Power heroes!

However, it became quite clear that no matter who your favorite Spice Girl was at the beginning of the movie, Victoria A.K.A. Posh Spice was going to do her best to become everyone's favorite by the end of the movie. She had all the best lines and so many of the funniest moments. Need proof?


1. She shared her fears

2. She was honest about her concerns

3. She was an expert driver

4. She has legitimate concerns

5. Who hasn't had this problem?

6. She was pretty sassy

7. She knew when to delegate

8. She knew when it was quiet time

9. She wasn't afraid to voice her opinions

10. She tried to help people

11. She drove that bus like a pro

12. Seriously, she jumped a giant bus

13. She knew when something was truly hilarious

14. She was maybe too good at getting what she wished for

14. She took charge when she had to

15. She was always a big fan of the finger guns and wink

16. She had a signature style

17. And most importantly, she was a great member of the group and was always there for her friends

Do you agree that Victoria was the stand out of the movie?


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