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15 Sims Fails That Are As Hilarious As They Are Horrifying

For everyone who grew up in the 90s or early 2000s, you know exactly how addicted The Sims was. Something about that weird game made time zoom by as though it were nothing and then all of the sudden it would be night time and your parents would yell at you for wasting a whole day in front of a screen. Well, we are all adults now and no one can tell us to stop right? Lucky for you, The Sims is going to be made available in an all new way that will make it even easier to spend time with your fictional families!

While there are still plenty of Sims games on computers, there has never really been a good mobile version. Sure, there was that "Free Play" option but it just wasn't the same. Now, there is a new game coming out soon called The Sims Mobile and from the look of the trailer, it's going to be awesome.

You will be able to build a Sim, make their home, and do all the same things you can in the original. There are also some new features involving the generations and some "heirlooms" you can pass down that seem pretty cool, but mostly it's just exciting that the Sims will now be portable.

The Sims gave us a lot of gifts in our childhoods, most of which happened when it went wrong. Because it was a computer game, glitches happened. It also didn't help that we were all using cheat codes that probably affected the regular programming, but it gave us some of the funniest things to go back and look at.

So, in celebration of the new Sims game, here are 15 of the best Sims fails that are guaranteed to get you excited to play again!

1. That's not what a fish should look like...

2. You should probably join the circus

3. My eyes are... down here?

4. Is this what E.T. looked like as a baby?

5. Who doesn't want their very own shadow horse?

6. When someone asks me to smile:

7. What flavor of cake is this?

8. That is an interesting looking cat... was it a rescue?

9. Talk about unwanted house guests...

10. Your hands are just SO broken

11. That's one way to get the baby clean

12. Dude, now is not the time

13. This is not okay...

14. Is that video game interesting? Is it real good?

15. This seriously makes me cackle-laugh every single time I see it.

Do you think you will play the new Sims game when it comes out on mobile? It looks pretty cool right?

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