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15 Cuddly Toys From The '80s That We Couldn't Sleep Without

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Growing up in the 80s meant that we didn't have a lot of electronics. Sure, there were some video games at arcades. For the most part we were at home with our imaginations and our stuffed animals.

Hundreds of tea parties and teddy bear picnics were held in our living rooms, all featuring a cast of cuddly toys that were so special to us. How many of these toys did you have when you were a kid?


Nothing says snuggle-friendly than something that lights up when you squeeze it!

Glo Worm

Another toy that had its own built in night light, the Glo Worm was pretty simple and great for young kids.

Cabbage Patch Kid

Each of us knew our doll's full name and their birthday, and of course all the details of their impressive lives.

Teddy Ruxspin

Was there any toy cooler than a Teddy Ruxspin? Of course not! Not only was it a super cuddly and adorable bear, but it also had a special tape that would read you a story!

My Pet Monster

The story behind My Pet Monster is a bizarre one, but he was still one of the most popular stuffed animals of the 80s.


Popples were these cuddly little creatures that you could curl them in on themselves as if you were putting them in their own self-contained kangaroo pouch. Because that is what every kid really wants?

Care Bears

Care Bear count down! 5...4...3...2...1! We all had our favorite bear, and making sure we had the toy to match was always the most important part of our Christmas wish lists. They would often get circled several times to make sure Santa knew that we REALLY wanted that Funshine bear.


I guess these were supposed to be little monkeys? These little guys were everywhere and while they didn't make a lot of sense, kids loved them.

There were so many other toys we loved as well...

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