13 Secrets From The Set Of The Mask That Are Absolutely Smokin'

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Jim Carrey is one of those iconic actors from your childhood that absolutely stands out. One of his most memorable roles was in the hilarious and zany movie The Mask. The entire premise of the movie is completely nuts, and yet somehow Carrey pulls it off in a way that makes it a classic.

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The movie could have been a lot different if it wasn't for Carrey. Check out 13 crazy behind the scenes secrets that will make you appreciate this gem even more than you do.

The teeth weren't supposed to be used as anything more than a sight gag, but Jim Carrey figured out how to talk while wearing them so they were used all the time.

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He also saved the effects department a lot of money because he is able to move his face and body in such cartoonish ways they didn't need to alter it.

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The role played by Cameron Diaz was originally supposed to go to Anna Nicole Smith, but the producers saw Diaz at her modeling agency and went with her instead.

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They did however make her audition 12 times before giving her the part.

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Jim Carrey didn't actually make a lot of money off The Mask. He was signed on to do it before Ace Ventura killed it at the box office so he was only paid $450,000 for the role.

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Sounds like a lot of money but compared to the $6.5 million he made for Dumb & Dumber it's a huge difference!

This movie changed the critics perception of him for the better. Roger Ebert had reviewed Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and called Carry "a hyper goon" but he said that The Mask was a "joyful performance".

The Mask was actually a comic book before it was a movie, but it was a lot darker. When they brought Jim Carrey in the movie turned into the comedy we know and love.

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