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13 Facts About "13 Going On 30" That Won't Age You 17 Years Overnight

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13 Going On 30 remains a classic piece of film history to this day. It's hard to believe the movie is already turning 14 years old this year, but that's probably because we all watch it all the time anyways, so it feels like no time has passed.

But even the most die-hard fan may not know these things about everyone's favorite Mark Ruffalo movie.

1. Jennifer Garner was made for the role.


When her Alias co-stars found out Garner was going to be playing a 13-year-old girl, they said she was perfect for the role because she "acted like a 13-year-old in real life anyway." Garner herself was happy that she got to play a role that allowed her to be happy and fun, since her Alias character was serious all the time.

2. Blast from the past.

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In the original script, Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner were going to play their teenage selves. However, after much debate, it was decided that bringing in actual teenagers would look better on screen.

3. Garner chose Ruffalo for the part.

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When Garner was cast in the role of Jenna, the actor to play Matty had yet to be chosen. Garner said she's the one who pushed for Ruffalo.

"The movie took a leap for me when Mark Ruffalo was cast," she said. "The second they breathed his name, I said 'please, please, please, yes, yes, yes.' If you would've said five years ago, if you could work with five actors, who would they be? He would've been number one. So the fact that I could wish that and then it could happen...He's a dream of a person. He's a fantastic actor and he's just so fun to hang out with. Talk about grounded, he's really the bees-knees."

4. It's all about timing.


Jenna turns 30 exactly 13 minutes into the movie.

5. Ruffalo knows teenagers can be mean.


In a movie about teenagers-turned-adults, Ruffalo had some experience with mean teens in his lifetime.

"When I was a little bit older I was working with this girl and I had a crush on her and one night after work we were all hanging out and having drinks and stuff and she's like, 'hey, you wanna come over?"" Ruffalo recalled in an interview for the movie. "I was like "oh yeah'. I'm following her. We're driving (in separate cars) and she keeps driving faster and faster and the next thing I know she's running red lights. I followed her for like forty-five minutes. I don't know where the hell I am and she just left me. At some point I was like 'oh, this is a game. She's testing me'. Then I realized she was just ditching me. It was horrible and I was in the middle of nowhere. I guess I was about 18."

6. Improv is key.

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Garner and Ruffalo had to develop a lifetime of chemistry on set, and they did that by rehearsing and improving.

"We did a lot of rehearsals which you don't get to do a lot in this type of movie and we were always talking, finding different ways to modulate it," Ruffalo recalled. "The drug thing came out of a rehearsal. Some of that was improvised and so that was one way that we found to get into it, to make it kind of plausible."

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