12 Pictures Of Disneyland In The 80s That Will Take You Back To Your Best Summer Vacations

First opened in Anaheim, California in 1955 and still going strong today, the Disneyland theme park and resort has been the envy and desire of pretty much every kid who's ever grown up loving cartoons.

Often called "The Happiest Place On Earth," the place feels timeless and charming even today. Despite this, things obviously change over the decades, and these 12 photos might have anyone who went in the 80s wishing back to a simpler time.

The entrance definitely has that 80s charm.


Sleeping Beauty's Castle had a more... stripped-down Christmas aesthetic back then.

Disneyland Gazette

Gotta dig that 80s aesthetic!


Dumbo's organ looks pretty retro!


Who could forget the first time they saw Space Mountain all lit up?

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The photos just get more nostalgic from here!

How about the original Disneyland hotel?

Magical Hotel

How great are those retro Alice In Wonderland costumes?

Disneyland Gazette

Man, talk about a majestic shot.

Angry AP

Nothing says "80s Disney" quite as much as ads for Oliver and Company.

Disneyland Gazette

The State Fair Parade was always a big deal!

Disneyland Gazette

How about Mickey and company getting physical?


Uhhhh... I don't even know folks.


Do you have any great Disneyland memories from when you were a kid?