10 Forgotten Celebrities That Were Super Popular In The 80s

This was the decade of studio-driven movies, we saw more special effects simpler plots and the new rating of PG-13 for films that walked the fine line between PG and R.

Blockbusters with breezy plots, stereotypical characters and highly culture-driven themes sold-out fast at the box office. These stars were like supernovas in the 80's they rose fast and disappeared from sight by the end of the decade.

Do you recognize these former superstars? Write down your guesses and compare them to the answers at the end!

10. "Life Moves Pretty Fast."

This actress played Matthew Broderick's love interest in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

9. "People think she's a hellraiser."

She starred alongside Kevin Bacon in 1984's super popular Footloose.

8. "Don't give him any water, not even a drink."

She starred alongside Zach Galligan in Gremlins.

7. "I live here my whole life, and I'm like a disease."

She was a mega star in the 80s, a highly sought-after leading lady in teen films and a member of The Brat Pack.

6."Any problem can be solved with a little ingenuity."

He played this popular character so well that we use the name as a verb today!

5. Hey, lady! You call him Dr. Jones!

He was the adorable Short Round in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

4. "I pity the fool!"

He starred as Sylvester Stallone's nemesis in Rocky 3.

3.  "I used to have a roommate, but my mom moved to Florida."

He starred with Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and Harold Ramis in Ghostbusters.

2. "We could grow up together, E.T."

He was pretty much the cutest kid - next to Drew Barrymore in Steven Spielberg's sci-fi hit.

1. "Hey, my attraction to women is not entirely based on physical beauty."

He was a teen idol who was known best for his role as Mike Seaver on Growing Pains.

Think you've got 'em all? Check your answers against the list below! Leave your score in the comments then pas it on!

  1. Kirk Cameron
  2. Henry Thomas
  3. Rick Moranis
  4. Mr. T
  5. Jonathan Ke Quan
  6. Richard Dean Anderson
  7. Molly Ringwald
  8. Phoebe Cates
  9. Lori Singer
  10. Mia Sara