10 Creepy Monster Shows That Haunted Our Nightmares When We Were Kids

Monsters were pretty much the best thing to watch when we were kids. For some reason we all loved the idea of being scared or at the very least watching shows about "scary" things that weren't really scary.

There were so many shows that were based around monsters when we were kids. Let's see how many you remember, and see how scary they actually were.

The Munsters


This show was a little bit older, but some of us watched it in reruns. It was more funny than scary but it was always fun to see how the one non-monster kid did in the family!

Spooky Rating: 1/5 for family drama

Seven Little Monsters


Seven Little Monsters was kind of a cute little family story that probably would have worked if it was monsters, aliens, puppies, or anything really. It was just all about learning about life and personalities.

Spooky Rating: 1/5 for a good chance of Full House violin moments

Monster By Mistake


This show was a little bit less known, but the premise was that a young boy is affected by a spell that turns him into a monster every time he sneezes. Let's hope he doesn't have allergies!

Spooky Rating: 1.5/5 for excessive antihistamine costs

The New Addams Family


Sure, we watched the movies too, but the TV show was pretty fun as well. I mean, the concept of a dismembered hand roaming around the house is kind of freaky, and I really wouldn't want to be the one to unclog the shower drain after Cousin Itt was in there...

Spooky Rating: 1.5 for horrifying plumbing problems

Aaahh!! Real Monsters


Aaahh!! Real Monsters may have been just a cartoon, but it had some creepy elements for sure. I mean, Oblina literally pulled out her organs to scare kids. That's a little weird right?

Spooky Rating: 2/5 for uncomfortable premise and unnecessary surgery

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Bump in the Night

DiC Entertainment

Bump in the Night was one of the best, but most often forgotten shows from the 90s. The show was all about the monsters that live under your bed and the creepy claymation style was really awesome.

Spooky Rating: 2/5 for real life fears being used for cartoon purposes

Tales From The Crypt


Eve just the main guy from this show is enough to haunt your nightmares, let alone the rest of the show.

Spooky Rating: 3.5/5 for the Crypt Keeper alone



The books were excellent, but the TV show brought it all a little bit too close to home. There is something extra creepy about seeing all of those scary characters brought to life in your home.

Spooky Rating: 4/5 for excessive evil puppets

Freaky Stories


This show was just a collection of nightmares waiting to happen. Whether it was the spiders in the hair, the escaped psychopath under the bed or whatever other monsters they cooked up, these ones stick with us to this day. Not to mention the creepy worm and cockroach hosts.

Spooky Rating: 4/5 for a friend of a friend of mine...

Are You Afraid Of The Dark


Why were we all so obsessed with being terrified. This one absolutely terrified us all. Seriously, even the intro to the show was the worst. How was this for kids?!

Spooky Rating: 5/5 for complete and total insomnia after each and ever episode

But seriously, watch this intro and tell me that it isn't super creepy!

Which one creeped you out the most? Let us know in the comments!