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Groovy Secrets From The Set Of Austin Powers You've Been Dying To Know

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Austin Powers is the best "International Man Of Mystery" in the world. His ability to fight off Dr. Evil while also making the ladies swoon is unparalleled. These are just the facts. After being cryogenically frozen, travelling through time not once but twice, what is there left for him to do? Well, hopefully a lot.

Mike Myers, creator and star of the Austin Powers franchis,e is still open to a fourth installment even though it's been well over a decade since the last movie, but he is waiting for the right idea.

He wrote the original as a tribute after his father passed away. He says that "I would love to do another, but you just have to see. I was devastated by my father's death. But to have that turn into something that makes people happy is unbelievably satisfying. It's that kind of stuff you never get used to or get tired of."  

Director of the film Jay Roach says that "We have talked about [making a fourth movie] for 15 years. We have also always said we don't want to do it unless we came up with something that lived up to the concepts in our mind. Until Mike feels like he has a concept that earns a fourth, it won't happen. But if it did, we have all agreed that we would be delighted to get back into it."

It's nice to know they won't make it unless it's awesome, but for now we were lucky enough to get a few secrets from the set from the original cast and crew who made the classic comedy.

The movie had to be edited because of Princess Diana's death

The movie was coming out September 5th in the UK and because Princess Diana had just passed away, they had to make some last minute changes. There was a joke in the original cut where Dr. Evil was blackmailing the royal family, but they cut it to be more sensitive to the family.

Some of the characters are based off of Monty Python

The director used the Monty Python and the Holy Grail characters from the Castle Anthrax to inspire the fembots.

Dr. Evil's voice is based off someone Myers knows really well

Myers explained his process of making the voice of Dr. Evil by explaining a scene in the movie, "I always loved the "We're not so different, you and I" scene. That was the main reason I wanted to play both Austin and Dr. Evil. The Dr. Evil voice is a little bit Lorne Michaels, there are no two ways about it, but there is a lot more Donald Pleasence in there than Lorne. Lorne has a pinky thing, but he doesn't do it anymore."

Myers wrote a role specifically for Robert Wagner

The role of Number Two was always intended for Robert Wagner and luckily he was on board right away. "The script hit the door, I read it and I just thought it was fabulous. It was a very provocative, dangerous thing to do, and I just embraced it from the beginning."

Mimi Rogers almost wasn't Mrs. Kensington

It's hard to imagine anyone else as Austin Power's original sidekick, but Mini Rogers was initially supposed to play Alotta Fagina. she says that "Initially, they were talking to me about playing Alotta Fagina, but I was doing something where the dates couldn't work. So it ended up being Mrs. Kensington."

There are so many more secrets about the making of this classic, check out the next page to see which scenes were improvised and which took FOREVER to film.

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