Pappyland Was The Best Show You Don't Remember

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Morning television as a kid was the thing we all looked forward to. Whether it was cartoons, infomercials (don't @ me I loved those) or whatever else you watched while eating your cereal, you knew there was something to look forward to.

Up until recently, I had completely forgotten about the absolute best morning television show in existence.

Who remembers Pappyland?

I'll wait until your nostalgia stops punching you in the face.

The show aired on TLC as part of their Ready, Set, Learn! lineup. Pappy Drewitt, which is a level of clever I never appreciated as a child, lived in (and drew) Pappyland with his animal friends and one man who plays the piano.

Every episode was a half-hour, with Pappy teaching kids about music, life, dancing, and most importantly: art. The idea was that Pappy would start drawing something and then kids could follow along at home. This meant the drawing was in real-time. My poor parents.

Over the course of the show, Pappy would solve some type of problem while also continuing to draw his drawing. He would carefully explain why he was doing certain things, hoping to impart artistic wisdom. He was also just a really happy guy.

To say he had an odd group of friends would be an understatement.

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