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Hot Topic's New Nickelodeon Makeup Palette Is Everything A 90s Kid Could Want

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Few things are as synonymous with being a 90s kid as Nickelodeon. Find me a kid who didn't scramble home from school on weekday afternoons in order to catch hours of their favorite cartoons, and I'll find you a kid who either played sports or who basically didn't watch TV ever.


The network's now-legendary 90s lineup had pretty much every great cartoon a kid could possibly want to watch (unless you preferred Cartoon Network's lineup, you do you). Whether it was watching the misadventures of babies on Rugrats, the trials of being an inner-city kid on Hey Arnold!, the bizarrely adult humor of Rocko's Modern Life, or the wacky jungle antics of The Wild Thornberrys, it had literally something for everyone.


While the network still puts out original content these days (and like a billion different seasons of Spongebob Squarepants and Fairly Odd Parents), it's hard for those of us who grew up during the network's heyday to move on, and we often love any reason to return back to our old favorites.


Well, it turns out now we can literally wear our favorite Nickelodeon shows on our faces: the studio has paired up with Hot Topic to make a makeup line inspired by their classic 90s shows, and we absolutely need it.

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