The Struggle Was Real. 28 Issues All 90s Kids Dealt With While Playing Nintendo 64

The 90s were a wonderful time for the world of video games. You had PC games starting to become a real thing, we had the Sega, and the first Playstation, but most importantly, Nintendo introduced the N64.

The N64 was without a doubt (in my opinion at least) the greatest gaming system. Just because it was the greatest, didn't mean it wasn't without it's issues. Here are the biggest struggles of playing N64.


1. You had to fight for the fancy colored controllers


If you wanted that purple controller you needed to call "dibs" right away. No one wants to use the boring grey controllers.

Sometimes the games wouldn't load because of dust.

Even though you weren't supposed to... we all did it.

If someone picked your favorite character in Mario Kart they were essentially telling you they hated you.

If I can't be Yoshi, why would I even play?

When you were victim of a banana tragedy.


Who designed these weapons, this is just cruel.

When some jerk used the lightning when you were about to go over a jump

That is the video game equivalent of slapping someone in the face.

Trying to catch that stupid bunny in the basement of Peach's castle


Why was it so fast?

When Kirby would use his special power on you just before you did a cool move.


But he did look pretty adorable in his Donkey Kong outfit.

Sometimes you would accidentally send yourself off the edge.


So frustrating.

Waiting for the train to pass

Especially when you were in the lead!

When you can no longer tolerate that baby penguins screams

It means you won't get the star, but is it really worth it?

Mario sometimes had enough of you.

To be fair, he is doing a lot of cardio. I would be tired too!

Did anyone else find those little bears in Banjo and Kazooie super annoying?

I see you there, please shut up.

Also the view, I need to see where I am going Banjo keep up!

I know you can change it yourself, but it always reverted back to the least helpful version.

The controllers were not wireless which mean sitting on the floor was likely.

The couch was never close enough to the TV.

You really started to question Princess Peach's decor choices...

Seriously? Three of them? Peach, get a decorator, you're royalty.

You never sweat as much as you did when you were in one of these skateboard races.

This is also when everyone thinks pressing the buttons harder makes them work better.

Hot Rope Jump taught you what stress was.

Fire is not a toy Mario.

Palm Blisters.

Thanks Paddle Battle.

The Donkey Kong song is STILL stuck in your head.

I can't be the only one who remembers this?

Anytime Slippy had anything to say.

Just handle it yourself Slippy!

When you couldn't get a gun but you needed to take out the bad guys in Goldeneye

Luckily for you, in the video game world guns and slapping have similar efficiency.

You knew it wouldn't work, but you also hoped you could make it to the top of those stairs before you had the stars.


You also thought you could make this jump.


You just need to perfect that long jump.

If someone gets a blue shell, everyone gets scared.

There is no worse feeling than getting hit when you're in first place.

You thought you were getting a really cool Pokemon game, but you could only take pictures.

It was not what I expected but it was fine.

That stupid hand was a real pain.

Like seriously, how about you don't.

This guy was not useful.


I know I am going in reverse, do me a solid and get out of the way!

But the worst part was when all your friends had one and you didn't, so they were always better at the games then you.

Jokes on them though, now I can buy all the 90s games I want!

What were your biggest struggles with the N64? Share if you agree that it was all totally worth it!

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