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A New Biopic On Michael Jordan Is Being Made By Will Smith, In Case You Really Missed The 90s

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If you were a sports fan in the 90s, there was no way you didn't know who Michael Jordan was (I mean, unless you only ever watched hockey or something, and even then it's not much of an excuse).


The NBA superstar was first drafted to the Chicago Bulls in 1984, and was so massively popular from the get-go that he was voted by fans as being an "All-Star" just within his first year of competing. It even got to the point that real NBA All-Stars were upset about how much attention he was receiving (seriously, look it up).


Jordan ultimately led the Bulls to a whopping SIX NBA Championships during his time with them, and was named league MVP each of those six years. He scored massive amounts of brand deals with companies like Nike, whose Air Jordan sneakers have been consistently popular since their introduction in 1985. He was even contracted to do Nike commercials alongside Bugs Bunny in the mid-90s, which were so popular that they resulted in a movie called Space Jam. You might have heard of it.

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Of course, one thing that people often forget is that Jordan actually stepped away from the NBA in 1995, as he wanted to try his hand at playing baseball instead (which was even a major plot point in Space Jam). While this ultimately only lasted for three years, it's an interesting moment in sports history; one that Will Smith wants to turn into a movie...

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