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10 Celebrity Couples From The 90s You Completely Forgot Were A Thing

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Love is a tricky thing for anyone, but trying to have a relationship while the public judges your every move definitely makes it even harder. You constantly have millions of eyes on you, trying to decipher the slightest changes in your body language or the expressions on your face.

Tabloids seem to be constantly keeping track of the newest couples, which makes it a little hard to remember what happened years ago. There were a lot of celebrity pairings that seem completely unbelievable now, but at one point they were the hugest deal. How many of these do you actually remember?

1. Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt


These two dated for three years after starring in the movie Seven. Paltrow claimed earlier this year that she still blames herself for that relationship ending.

2. Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder

Ron Galella/ WIRE IMAGE

After working together in Edward Scissorhands, the young stars fell in love. They were even engaged at one point, which resulted in Depp's infamous "Winona Forever" tattoo that had to be changed to "Wino Forever" when they broke up in 1993.

3. Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford

Rob Galella

They were often called the "sexiest couple alive" but it didn't work out. They were married in 1991 but split in 1995, with Cindy stating that the 17 year age gap influenced her choice.

4. Sarah Jessica Parker and Robert Downey Jr.

Jim Smeal/WireImage

They were very young when they dated, but Robert Downey Jr.'s battle with addiction was too much for their relationship to survive.

5. Ellen Degeneres and Anne Heche

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The two started publicly dating shortly after Degenes came out in 1997. Their relationship lasted three years before its eventual demise, but at the time it was seen as a pretty big deal.

Those aren't the only couples you have forgotten about...

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