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Is Your Beauty And The Beast VHS Actually Worth Thousands?

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Everyone would love to make a quick buck, but there aren't a lot of great options. Sure, we can try to win the lottery, but the chances are so slim. Obviously, we should just go to work and earn money slowly, but wouldn't it be great to just wake up with hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank? Of course it would! Is it going to happen? Probably not.

Some people have been passing around the rumor that some old VHS tapes are worth a lot of money. There is a version of The Little Mermaid that can be worth a lot of money, but what about the equally-popular movie Beauty and the Beast? There are listings on Ebay of this movie that claim that the movie is worth $300,000, but could it be true? Could we all have 300k hiding in our basements?

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Beauty and the Beast came out in 1992. It was a really great cartoon musical that was super funny, but it also tried to teach kids not to judge people by how they looked.

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The beast may have been this big scary-looking monster, but once Belle got to know him, she realized there was "something there that wasn't there before."

Walt Disney Pictures

Some people joke that the movie is nothing more than Stockholm Syndrome, but let's not focus on that. We can agree that the songs are amazing, the characters are fun, and that having antlers in all of the decorating is an interesting choice.

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As great as the movie is, could it really be worth more than a quarter of a million dollars?

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