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6 Tech Gadgets From The 90s That Will Make You Realize How Much Times Have Changed

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Growing up, technological gadgets were the most exciting thing, probably because they were all so rare! It was almost like finding the Holy Grail if you unwrapped a Game Boy at your birthday or Christmas, but now it seems it's weirder for a kid to be without some kind of electronic device.

Have you ever thought about how different it really is now? If you were to go back in time and told your eight year old self, "one day, you will have a device that accesses every song, movie, TV show you could ever want, plus a bunch of games, takes pictures, and also makes phone calls," you would have thought you were going crazy. Let's take a peek at exactly how old all those favorites look now.

1. Nintendo Virtual Boy was the only VR headset available, not anymore

There are a lot of VR headsets to choose between now, even your cell phone can play certain VR games if you have the headset part, but back in the day you had really just the one option. The Nintendo Virtual Boy wasn't really the most advanced tech out there, but did the job.

2. The old robotic toys like Tickle Me Elmo have been replaced by AI toys

Tickle Me Elmo's laughing will stick in the mind of anyone who was alive in the 90s, but toys have only gotten more intense. There is a Barbie called 'Hello Barbie' and she connects to the internet and converses with kids using an AI system that resembles Siri.

3. Remote-controlled cars are a thing of the past now that drones are all the rage

Having the latest and greatest remote-controlled car is really not as impressive as it used to be. Those RC cars were absolutely awesome, but now every kid wants to their own drone. Sure, RC cars still exist, but you barely see them anywhere because kids want to fly a drone. Honestly, we can't really blame them.

Those aren't the only huge changes that technology has seen over the last 20 years...

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