Ready To Feel Old? These 20 Shows Are Turning 20 Years Old!

I am pretty sure that 1997 JUST happened. Everyone is still wearing platforms and baggy jeans right? No? Apparently that was twenty years ago despite how young we all still feel.

Some great shows are turning 20 years old this year! It really makes you feel a bit old, especially when you remember watching some of their premiers! Check out which of your favorite shows are 20 this year!

1. Antiques Roadshow


People love finding out that their old heirlooms and useless junk in their attic are actually worth a small fortune! It makes everyone who watches start to question the value of everything they own. In 75 years maybe people will start bringing on beanie babies and find out they are just worth all the money and then everyone will regret getting rid of them! (A 90s kid can only hope) You can read more about some of the best finds from Antiques Roadshow here.

2. King of the Hill


This one caught me off guard for sure! You can learn all about the show in this article dedicated to the show!

3. Just Shoot Me!

This show used to air between Friends and Seinfeld so you know it was popular back in the day!

4. Daria


Daria is actually a spin off of Bevis and Butt-Head, after appearing in that show a bunch of times got her own show!

5. The Practice

How has it been 20 years since this show started?

6. The New Batman Adventures


This Batman cartoon (the continuation of Batman: The Animated Series) is many peoples favorite version! Not to mention their version of The Joker is probably the greatest, voice by Mark Hamill (Aka Luke Skywalker).

7. Buffy The Vampire Slayer


Buffy is a major hero to so many women who were just thrilled to get a tough lady to represent them on screen. Recently Sarah Michelle Gellar spoke out about the potential of a reboot.

8. The Angry Beaver


So many great cartoons started in 1997!

9. Pepper Ann


The tune to this theme song still pops into my head on a regular basis.

10. Ally McBeal


It seemed like everyone was watching Ally McBeal! You can see what they are up to now in this article.

11. Recess


Recess can't be 20 years old, because that means I am not.

12. The View

Some shows feel like they have been on for more than twenty years...

13. South Park


Crazy that a show this controversial has been going strong for twenty years!

14. Cow And Chicken


I forgot the premise of this show, but according to Wikipedia the cow and the chicken are biological sibblings. So, that's a neat concept?

15. Johnny Bravo


This guy was the worst, but in a way that was somehow fun to watch.

16. The Crocodile Hunter


Crickey! This show is one of the most endearing and wonderful ways to learn about nature. Steve Irwin was an amazing man and his passing is still a big loss. Check out a few quote from him that will remind you how awesome he really was.

17. Stargate SG-1


It had ten seasons after the original movie and had a whole bunch of spinoffs and merchandise.

18. I Am Weasel


The Cartoon Network was really killing it back in 1997!

19. Dharma & Greg


Opposites attract was the premise and it managed to work great for 5 seasons!

20. Win Ben Stein's Money

You might remember him as the teach in Ferris Bueller, but for 6 seasons he had his own game show with Jimmy Kimmel!  

What was your favorite show in 1997?

Share if you remember any of these shows!

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