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10 Things You're Not Prepared To Know About A Goofy Movie

The Goofy Movie is one of the greats and it definitely doesn't get enough love. Everyone focuses their energy on the princess movies and the other so-called classics, but you now what, Goofy Movie is amazing and there is a lot you don't know about it.

So pay attention! These are the 10 most important facts that you need to know.

1. Unlike most Disney Characters, Max actually ages over time.

In his first appearance in Goof Troop he was a preteen, in this movie he was a high school student and then in the following movie he was heading off to college.

2. The voice of Max was in another Disney movie

Max was voiced by Jason Marsden who also was the voice of Kovu in Lion King II! He's done a lot of voice work as well, including The Weekenders, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and Fairly Odd Parents.

3. You probably would recognize his face too!

He's been on Boy Meets World and Full House!

4. Goofy and Max probably live in Ohio

According to the starting point on their map in the movie that would make the most sense.

5. There are nuns in a lot of this movie

They are in the background of several scenes of the movie from beginning to end. There are even some at the Powerline concert!

6. Powerline is a combination of two famous singers

Powerline is a mix of both Michael Jackson and Prince. You can see both of their influence in his dancing and vocal style.

7. Powerline was written with one voice in mind

Bobby Brown was supposed to be the voice of Powerline but it didn't work out. Instead he was voiced by Tevin Campbell.

8. Mickey Mouse is in this movie

Ever so briefly he is seen in the audience at the concert.

9. Michael Jackson also has a cameo (sort of)

Who else do you know who wears shiny gloves and would ride in a limo?

10. Powerline's name was originally very different

The other option for his name was Deep Freeze. I think they made the right choice.

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